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Orthodontic Meal Plan

Orthodontic Meal Plan

During the first few days after you get your braces, the list of don’ts may seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to what you can and cannot eat!

We have developed a sample menu with soft, easy to chew, flavourful foods to help you get through the first week after you get your braces when eating may be uncomfortable.

As always, stay hydrated with lots of water. Avoid pop and sugary drinks that may cause cavities!


Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Oatmeal Yogurt Cold pasta salad , with steamed veggies and shredded chicken Applesauce Spaghetti and lean ground beef or veggie sauce
Tuesday Crispy rice cereal with milk or yogurt on top Smoothie Tuna or egg salad on soft bread Guacamole and / or salsa with  soft pita wedges Baked Salmon

Baked or mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes

Wednesday Scrambled eggs Muffin and milk Soup served with soft bread Cottage cheese mixed with soft fruit (canned peaches) Pulled Chicken & Rice

Steamed vegetables

Thursday Smoothie French Toast Strips with yogurt dip Quesadillas Hard boiled egg with cheese strings Sloppy Joes served on soft buns
Friday Poached eggs

With lightly toasted bread

Pudding Homemade macaroni and cheese Yogurt mixed with chopped fruit Soup


Orthodontic Meal Plan















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