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Meet Our Staff

Our Bozek Team is our greatest asset!

Team Bozek Orthodontics Pier Photo
The greatest asset at Bozek Orthodontics is our team! We have a highly experienced staff who prides itself in providing excellent customer service. This is a family practice, and it is our goal to make you feel part of the family!

Front Desk – Janet, Cheryl & Mary

Our front desk staff is there to handle all of your scheduling and financial needs. They are on a rotating schedule, so our phone lines are always available to help you during business hours.

Meet Our Staff

Our Hygiene Team – Erinn, Ashley, Sue, Lydia, Lisa, Sandy, Brittany & Ailsa

Our hygienists work very closely with our doctors. They are highly trained and experienced. Not only do they ensure your teeth stay healthy and clean during orthodontic treatment by instructing and monitoring your oral-care, they put on your orthodontic appliances, braces, change wires and document your progress under the direction of Dr. Bozek.

It is their job to make sure you are educated about your orthodontic treatment, update the parents at each visit, and ensure your comfort. We strive to make your orthodontic  journey as memorable as possible.

Our Dental Assistants – Ann, Natasha, Karissa, Joanna, Sarah, Brier, Yelena & Liana

Our dental assistants are there to help support both our hygienists and doctors to deliver your orthodontic care.  They are highly trained to educate, deliver oral care instructions, take impressions, and various other intra & extra oral duties. They are also responsible for sterilization centre to ensure the safety of all. They keep our team efficient and effective.

Our Treatment Coordinators –  Sigrid, Terri & Leslie

On your first visit, you will meet Dr. Bozek and one of our treatment coordinators. Our treatment coordinators have over 35 years of combined experience in our office and are there to help explain all your treatment needs. They will also review costs and set up a payment plan that works for you.  They welcome you to call or email them at any point if questions arise or need clarification.  We pride ourselves on education and guidance towards the best decision for you and your family.