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Crooked Teeth: Cosmetic Issue or Health Risk?

Crooked Teeth: Cosmetic Issue or Health Risk?

For most people, the main reason for straightening their teeth with Invisalign or braces is to improve their overall appearance. Many people don’t realize that teeth constantly move and as you age, teeth can continue to shift and crowd. Ensuring that your crooked teeth or misaligned bite are corrected will help maintain good overall health throughout your life.  If left ignored, several health issues can arise.

Here are some of the most common issues caused by crooked teeth:

Jaw Pain / Headaches / Tooth Wear

Crooked teeth often result in an uneven bite.  A frequent complaint for patients with a misaligned bite is jaw pain and jaw clicking.   If you grind or clench, the problem can be even more pronounced. Crooked teeth can also make chewing and biting foods difficult, commonly resulting in headaches and chronic discomfort. Teeth that don’t touch evenly often lead to tooth shortening and wear.

Difficulty Speaking

While the look of your crooked teeth may not cause you concern, over time, a crowded mouth can make speaking clearly increasingly difficult.  Developing slight lisps is a common issue.

Gum Disease

The most important oral concern as we age is Periodontal Disease also known as Gum Disease.  We now know that Gum Disease can be linked to diabetes and heart disease.

Crooked teeth make maintaining proper dental hygiene more challenging.   Crowded teeth frequently collect more food particles which then makes cleaning your mouth thoroughly difficult.

Poor cleaning at a minimum can mean bad breath and increased cavities, but over time poor oral hygiene contributes to excess plaque, and can lead to Gum Disease.

Options for Treatment

While many adults are not happy with the look of their smile and may be concerned about long-term health impacts, the prospect of wearing traditional braces may be very unappealing.  However, today our patients who want to straighten their teeth without committing to traditional braces have great options including Invisalign©, SPEED braces, and Clarity advanced Clear Braces.  

Dental esthetics and dental function go hand in hand. Teeth that look great are usually associated with teeth that work great!

If you have questions, the best place to start is with a complimentary assessment.  Through this process we will provide you options to ensure that you receive the most effective and aesthetic treatment possible.  It may not be too late to get a perfect smile! Call us today to book your no-obligation appointment.



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