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BOSC is BACK!!!! Fall 2022 Session

Date:Wednesday November 9th, 2022
Time: 6-9 pm

Speaker: Dr Melissa Milligan – Innovations in Orthodontics

Dr. Melissa Milligan is an orthodontist at Bozek Milligan Orthodontics and works in Burlington and Waterdown. Join Dr. Mel to learn about the history of orthodontics as she shares what the exciting advancements and game changers are that continue to improve the treatment options and outcomes for our patients.

Rosanna Riverso – The Road to a Revitalized Life:  Reveal, Release, Reinvent
Certified Life & Wellness Coach, High Conflict Divorce Coach, Masters of Psychology Student

After hitting a level of rock bottom that she never thought possible, Rosanna Riverso went on a long journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and personal development.  A drastic transition from the anxious and depressed woman admitted into Joe Brant Hospital’s Mental Health Ward, to the new vibrant and revitalized Rosanna that had more hope, confidence, and joy than ever before.  This unimaginable transformation produced a passion in Rosanna to become the same type of instrument of change to others that she was so thankful to have in her own recovery.  Taking the lessons learned from her personal mental health experiences and her coaching and Master’s degree studies, Rosanna developed a simple 3 step process to guide her clients along the Road to a Revitalized Life:  Reveal, Release, Reinvent.™ Rosanna’s talks include just the right amount of relatability, credibility, and enthusiasm, leaving audiences feeling enriched and with a clearer sense of how to live a healthier and happier life.

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